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According to Dictionary.com

The definition of WOKE:


2. having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those involving the treatment of ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities

3. Disparaging.

of or relating to a liberal progressive orthodoxy, especially promoting inclusive policies or ideologies that welcome or embrace ethnic, racial, or sexual minorities.

4. Slang.

aware of the facts, true situation, etc. (sometimes used facetiously)

So please help Me better understand which group is considered being WOKE.

If we took the political groups and placed them on some sort of Bell-curve with the top being the independents who claim to be in the center-claiming both Republican ideas & Democratic ideas; and going down the curve on the Republican side to the Tea Party and at the bottom the Q-Anon types; and on the opposite side, the Liberal Democrats and the bottom the FAR-Left; where is this WOKE group supposed to be?

Honestly, I have been a life-long Republican, but in the last 8-10 years find myself more of an Independent. I’d like to think I have always been “woke” according to the adjective definitions 2 & 4. I feel I have always tried to stay aware of issues happening around me and the world.

I am so dissatisfied with the political actions and verbiage of many this day and age. We ALL need to WAKE UP, take a step back and really LOOK & HEAR what people are saying and doing in the name of their political party.

None of us are a political party. We are humans and we all have a right to our beliefs. We need to learn to agree to disagree with each other in a non-hostile way. No more name calling, no putting people down for having a different point of view.

As a former teacher, I tried to instill this in my students. We would have debates in class and hear differing opinions, yet still be able to go play outside together and eat lunch together without animosity towards each other.

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